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Jotivation encourages you to be the best YOU that you can be! The Best and Greatest Machine God ever created is ....YOU



The fitness industry is flooded with gimmicks & gadgets. Misleading people to believe that everything is quick an easy. Jotivation wants you to know that your best days are ahead of you. Everyone is genetically different in strength, weaknesses and motivation, so STOP trying to look like the model that auditioned for that magazine cover, commercial, or advertisement you have seen. God made you Unique for a reason. LEARN TO LOVE YOU! YOU ARE AWESOME! TAKE CARE OF YOU! Jotivation can help you become the best YOU that YOU can be! Make Progress to your Best!


Jotivation will show you how to maximize your efforts and help you achieve your fitness and performance goals.

The body is designed to move in 3 planes of motion. Crawl, run, jump, roll, climb. When you observe a child playing on a playground you will see that they are having fun and they are also using their entire body to perform the previous mentioned movements. Jotivation specializes in body transformation and alignment. This transformation is spiritual, mental, and physical. To be complete and to be well, one must create harmony in the body. Posture and body control will be developed in the Jotivation program.

Improved Performance and making gradual progress is a huge focus of ours. Everyone has to start somewhere. The focus is on you becoming your best and giving your best efforts. You will see that your body will begin to transform itself. If you look at the athletic aspect of training, most athletes have incredible physiques. Although their main focus is not to look good, it is to perform at peak levels. So, as a result of their functional training, they develop a well defined machine of a body. Working to improve their speed, agility, strength, power, endurance while getting the proper nutrients, adequate rest, & maintaing their flexibility, they essentially stay lean.

Jotivation is here to help you train the the Greatest machine in the world, You, without using any intimidating range of motion restricting machines. Your body is the machine and we will teach it how move it properly.


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